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Kokology quiz: A day at the Beach

Perhaps it’s because we instinctively trace the roots of life back to the oceans, perhaps it’s something hardwired deep within our brains; whatever the reason may be, the sea holds a special power over us. The tang of the salt air, the fine spray of the surf, the soft crashing of the waves-the net effect is to stimulate and soothe. Sometimes a stroll along a sandy beach can transport you much further from your everyday reality than the actual distance you walk.
That may be why the sea holds a special place in lovers’ hearts. It provides them with the chance to journey together, if only for a brief time, into another world.

Poll #1179814 A day at the Beach

1. You are walking along a quiet beach. As you wander the dunes, you spot a surfboard washed up on the sand. Describe the surf-board and the impression it makes on you.

2. You climb onto the board and paddle out to try your luck on the waves. How are the conditions for surfing today?

3. You have managed to get to your feet and are experiencing the thrill of actually riding the wave, when suddenly you wipe out and tumble headfirst into the water. What do you think, feel, or try to scream as you struggle to find your way back to the surface.

4. You finally emerge from the water unscathed, and looking back toward the beach, you see that a person you know has been watching you. Who is that person?

Key to A day at the Beach

Most of us sense intuitively the strong psychological associations between the sea and sex. The way you imagined your experience on the waves tells us something about your expectations and desires in the sexual realm.

1. Throughout history and across cultures, the sea is portrayed as feminine. Against that backdrop, the surfboard provides an overt example of what Freud referred to as the “phallic symbol.”

Your description of the surfboard corresponds with your image and impression of masculine characteristics.

Your answer shows your perception of your own physical sexuality.

2. The surfing conditions you described reveal your own hopes and expectations from sex.

3. Total submersion within the churning waters is a metaphor for the peak of sexual pleasure. Your thoughts and feelings as your struggled upwards correspond to those you experience in the throes of ecstasy.

4. The person you pictured standing on the beach is someone you show intense interest in, in a sexual sense. This doesn’t necessarily indicate active sexual desire; it may be that you’re simply curious about what that person is like in the most intimate and unguardable of moments. Then again maybe, just maybe, that’s something that you want to find out firsthand.


No matches at all. :(
lol, my boyfriend was the guy looking out from the beach, so I suppose that fits.

And my perception of masculine qualities are that they're yellow and black with a stripe down the middle and a bit broken on the sides...??
Aw, this one was too shallow. Bummer.


hey. :)

hi kokology is so cool. can i gab this one?. :)

Re: hey. :)

feel totally free ;)


my surfboard was beaten, sandy and uncomfortable
it's funny cause i'm a lesbian



First, I'm male, and the surf board I imagined was old and busted and had moss all over the edges. That sucks in a fricking level. Second, the person standing on the beach was my MOM??? How does that even make any sense, I'm not into any sick incest (eventhough I do love the siblings incest type)


Re: Review

I thought about my mom too and I was like WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA

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